Nazca Lines Flight, Cantallocc Aqueducts, Lunch and Metallic viewpoint
Duration: Full Day
Price: $189 USD

The Nazca Lines Tours from Ica includes a transfer from the hotel in Ica at 7 a.m. to the Maria Reiche Aerodrome in Nazca. The tour lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours. Upon arrival at the Maria Reiche Aerodrome, you will present your original passport and vaccination card to the security personnel, our crew member will give you a map of the circuit of the Nazca Lines flight, and the pilot will inform you of the level of the flight and the time to enter the boarding lounge. When it is time, you will board the Cessna plane for the flight over the Nasca Lines. The flight over the lines lasts 40 minutes, and you will observe the 14 main figures of Nazca and 6 new figures of the Nazca lines. Also observed from the plane the Cantallocc aqueducts and the highest dune of Latin America, Cerro Blanco, which soars 2,078 m above sea level.

After the flight over the Nazca Lines, you will have lunch at the Limon Restaurant and taste the typical food of the 3 regions of Peru, Marine, Creole, and Jungle, then return to the city of Ica. At km 424 of the Panamerican Highway South is the new 20-meter metal viewpoint. There you will observe 3 figures of the Nazca Lines: the hand, tree, and lizard cut by the Panamerican Highway. You will also visit the Maria Reiche Museum house.

Note: if you do not wish to visit the metallic viewpoint and the Maria Reiche house museum, you can visit the Achaco aqueducts and the natural viewpoint where you will observe the figure of the feline. You will arrive at the Hotel in Ica or at the bus terminal, according to your program, at approximately 15:00 pm.


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