Nazca Lines, Cahuachi, Aqueducts, Antonini Museum, San Juan de Marcona beach and Chauchilla graveyard.
Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night
Price: $315 USD

The next circuit has been thought for those travelers that wish to do a visit the most important archeological sites of the Nazca Culture and explore the nature that surrounds the valley and the dessert.

The Nazca culture nourished between the years 100 and 600 and they built a ceremonial center known as Cahuachi. They are remarkable due to their polychromic ceramic and their smart harvesting techniques that allowed them to dominate the hard dessert weather by using the weak flow of the rivers and the underground water as you can see in the Cantalloc Aqueducts.

But it’s the Lines and the figures carved in the hard surface of the dessert (in many places between Nazca and Palpa) that have converted this place in an important touristic attraction either at the beginning or at the end of your tour, you can visit the Chauchilla graveyard, a part of the Chincha era (1000 – 1460) 30 km to the south of Nazca.

To these places, we also add a visit to the San Juan beach, paradise for Humboldt penguins and sea lions of thin hair alongside the Peruvian coast. Luckily, the steep cliffs of 3 meters of height offer protection to these species, making it difficult to access the sea.


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