Price: $ 100 USD per person 

Included: english Guide , entrance fee and Transportation  

Duration: 6 Hours

The tour to San Fernando starts in Nazca city. We start heading south west through the valley and then leave it and go to the sea shore, in the desert before reaching the shore area, we will be able to see fossilized whales.

Then close to shore we enter in an area with fog vegetation where we would watch some Guanaco or Desert Fox. Once by the shore exploration began with pedestrian views towards different areas of the cove where depending of the location we´ll see sea lions, fur seals, condors, Humboldt penguins, guano birds and migratory birds.

Eventually a sea otter may appear. San Fernando National Reserve protects more than 320 species of flora and fauna with six ecological units. The presence of animals as guanaco and Andean condor indicates the place is part of an important biological corridor Andean - Coastal.

The main area to visit is the San Fernando cove which is formed by the presence of two narrow headlands enclosing an island in the middle; it produces large areas of cliffs that protect the different species of animals from the cold south wind which makes of this bay the perfect refuge for a big number of species. This makes San Fernando the last natural refuge of the Peruvian coast.

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