Price: $ 30 USD per person 

Included: english Guide , entrance fee and Transportation  

Duration: 2 Hours

This tour in Nazca takes 2 hours, in this time you are going to visit 3 places, the first place to visit is: Cantalloc Aqueducts, this place is located 3 km east from Nazca city these underground channels were built by the ancient Nazcas approximately 500 years after Christ, only by these channels we have water all year here in Nazca because our rivers are always dry, the ancient Nazca were the best hydraulic engineers because they used materials that could resisted for more than 1500 years, they controlled the speed of the water and they also got the way to made the maintenance of the channels, after visiting the Aqueducts, you will visit The Needle, the Needle is the name of a line the belongs to the Nazca Lines, we are going to climb a little hill from the top of this hill you will see so near this line you will see how deep they are and how the ancient Nazca made them.

Finally you will visit Paredones is an Inka Ruin you will see the construction of the inkas here in the coast, this place was the Inka administrative center in the first level you will see constructions made with mudbriks and on the second level you will see constructions made with stones, from the top of the tower of this place you will see a nice view of Nazca city.

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