Price: $ 30 USD per person 

Included: english Guide , entrance fee and Transportation  

Duration: 3 Hours

This Tour Takes 3 hours in this time we are going to visit 3 interesting places, the first place is going to be Chauchilla Cemetery, it is a pre- Inka cemetery located 27 km south east from Nazca city to get there, we take the Pan-American high way 20 km south in the way to Arequipa, then we are going to turn to the left side to continue 7 km east by a dirt road, we are going to see the amazing landscape of the desert.

Chauchilla cemetery is one of the biggest cemeteries with a dimension of 2 km long by 500 mts wide, at the cemetery we are going to see 12 graves, you are going to see original constructions of graves, mummies, potteries and textiles approximately 1000 years old. You are going to see individual graves and collective graves; we are going to know how was the mummification system the ancient Nazcans used to conserve the body as well.

Then we are going to visit Pottery Process, Nazca Pottery is considered the best pottery of Southamerica and you are going to see how Nazca artisans still use the technique of our ancestors to make the potteries, you are going to see how the artisans can make the potteries only by hand in a short time, you´ll also see minerals oxides they use to get the colors.

The last place to visit is the gold extraction process, you´ll see how the artisanal miners work inside the mines without sophisticated machines, they get the minerals and they have to transport the minerals in sacks, carrying 70 kilos on their shoulders, then they have to begin with the process mixing the mineral with water and mercury in a big mortar.

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